Navigating Ethical and Compliance Challenges (2020 Fraud Single Session)

10. Navigating Ethical and Compliance Challenges (Ethics Credit)
Charise R. Frazier
Josephine Nelson Harriott

  • An interactive session that focuses on the latest happenings related to legal ethics and compliance in the health care industry
  • The speakers will present a number of hypotheticals which address common ethical and compliance issues. Attendees will have the opportunity to assist with resolving the challenges presented in the hypotheticals
  • Recent developments in ethics and compliance in health care and address identifying risk, leadership accountability, attorney-client privilege, internal investigations, and ethics in new technologies
  • Best ethical strategies and gain tips for implementing effective ethics and compliance practices
Continuing Education Credits are available for this session. For CLE ethics credits, you can earn 1.0  ethics credit hours on a 60-Min Calculation and 1.2 ethics credit hours on a 50-minute Calculation. For CPE and CCB, you can earn 1.2 credit hours for this session.