COVID-19 Liabilities and Government Enforcement

Date: 7/13/2021
Time: 2:00-3:30PM

Difficulty: Intermediate

Overview: 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic has provided opportunities for health care providers to recoup some of the damage the pandemic caused, primarily through CARES Act funding and other government waivers and programs. The funding, adverse outcomes and related regulatory issues associated with the pandemic proved to be a host for new liabilities, fraud theories, new announcements from the DOJ and some new enforcement priorities, including an HHS Working Group designed to assist with priorities such as COVID-19 funding. Please join us as we update you on the current regulatory enforcement environment. The presentation will be focused on:

  • CARES Act funding and it implications for health care providers 
  • Important regulatory and compliance issues identified in 2020 
  • False Claims Act implications and theories 
  • Proactive compliance activities to protect your organization in 2021 and beyond

Speaker Information:

  • Rebekah Plowman, General Counsel , StimLabs, LLC.
  • Ross Burris, Shareholder, Polsinelli
  • Lindsey Lonergan, Deputy General Counsel, Navicent Health