Legal Ethics: So You Want to Be a General Counsel? The Perils and Pitfalls 2020 (2020 Health Plans Single Session)

5.  Legal Ethics: So You Want To Be A General Counsel? The Perils and Pitfalls

Kyle Kveton and Cory Tolliver

  • Recognizing who is the client in a corporate setting: The potential conflicts of interest inside and outside of litigation
  • Up-the-ladder reporting and gatekeeping: The lawyer’s duty to identify, report, and rectify violations of law
  • Legal v. business advice: What’s the difference and what’s privileged
  • The GC/in-house counsel as a participant in negotiations with third parties: The ethical limitations of doing so
  • The supervisory responsibility of GC/in-house counsel for the conduct and ethical compliance of retained counsel
Continuing Education Credits are available for this session. For CLE credits, you can earn 1.0  credit hours on a 60-Min Calculation and 1.2 credit hours on a 50-minute Calculation. For CPE and CCB, you can earn 1.2 credit hours for this session.