Vaccines and the Role of Academic Medical Centers (2021 AMC Single Session)

6. Vaccines and the Role of Academic Medical Centers (2021 Academic Medical Centers Single Session)
Clinton D. Hermes (Moderator)
Carrie Byington
Holly Fernandez Lynch

  • An “in the trenches” perspective from a major health system on the vaccine rollout. Assuming that a vaccine has been authorized and vaccination has begun, how have the early days of allocation and vaccination gone?
  • Logistic challenges with the administration and tracking of mass vaccination, especially with one or more two-dose vaccines
  • Ongoing vaccine clinical trials and the difficulties with enrolling subjects when a vaccine is available
  • Key legal and ethical issues for academic medical centers related to clinical trials, vaccination of children, and allocation questions
Continuing Education Credits are available for this session. For CLE credits, you can earn 1.0  credit hours on a 60-Min Calculation and 1.2 credit hours on a 50-minute Calculation. For CPE and CCB, you can earn 1.2 credit hours for this session.