360 Degree View of Best Practices in the Peer Review Hearing Process Part II: Moving Over the Finish Line

Time: 2:00-3:30 PM ET

Difficulty: Intermediate

Overview: This webinar series will focus on the medical staff peer review hearing process as seen through the roles of the Hearing Officer, The Hospital lawyer, the Medical Staff lawyer, and the Physician lawyer. 

In Part Two, we will discuss all aspects of the fair hearing process, beginning with a discussion of planning for a successful peer review fair hearing. Participants will learn from experienced counsel for the Physician, the Medical Staff and the Hospital, and Part Two will develop an extensive understanding of the role of the hearing officer. Participants will learn about the value in and the conduct of prehearing conferences from all four perspectives, including the possibility of finding enough common ground to revisit the possibility of settlement prior to the hearing. An advanced consideration of the entire fair hearing process will facilitate a shared understanding of perspective for attorneys who typically represent primarily physicians and those who typically represent either hospitals or their medical staffs. Part Two will conclude with a discussion of the concepts essential to appeals and post-appeal lawsuits.

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