The Digital Imperative – Accelerating Hospitals and Physicians on Path Forward After the Pandemic (2021 PHS Single Session

8. The Digital Imperative – Accelerating Hospitals and Physicians on Path Forward After the Pandemic  (2021 Physicians Program Single Session)
Daniel Peters, Amy Stevens, Sarah Swank

As we have all experienced in our own personal lives, services are fundamentally transforming every industry such as Amazon in retail, Netflix in media, Uber in transportation and Airbnb in hospitality. Out of necessity, the pandemic is accelerating the adoption of digital health solutions nationally. We have seen an historic change in how health care is delivered from virtual triage to video visits to remote monitoring. This rapid adoption of digital is bringing new threats and opportunities to the forefront for all sectors of the health care continuum. Consumers, providers, payers, employers, venture-backed startups and global Fortune 100 companies are pursuing digital innovation efforts to transform and disrupt the health care industry. In this advanced session, we will explore the case study for digital health and discuss how hospitals and physicians can prepare for the future of health care.

  • Making the case for the digital imperative and defining what it means to be a "disruptor."
  • The emerging response to the digital imperative by provider organizations across the U.S.- from large academic health systems to small rural facilities
  • A market analysis of disruptive models and where venture capital, health systems and startups is investing, buying, sell and creating new models and technologies
  • Strategies for hospitals and physicians to mobilized digital transformation efforts, including telehealth and value-based models
  • The role of the attorney in guiding discussions and advise, including discussions of pitfalls and opportunities with business leaders and the board, such as building an effective and “right-sized” compliance program, the new Stark and Anti-kickback statute changes, the 1135 waivers and HIPAA
Continuing Education Credits are available for this session. For CLE credits, you can earn 1.0  credit hours on a 60-Min Calculation and 1.2 credit hours on a 50-minute Calculation. For CPE and CCB, you can earn 1.2 credit hours for this session.

AHLA would like to thank Pinnacle for sponsoring this CLE-eProgram session.