360 Degree View of Best Practices in the Peer Review Hearing Process Part I: How Did We Get Here? (On-Demand Webinar)

Time: On Demand

Difficulty: Intermediate

Overview: This webinar series will focus on the medical staff peer review hearing process as seen through the roles of the Hearing Officer, The Hospital lawyer, the Medical Staff lawyer, and the Physician lawyer. 

In Part One, speakers will provide an overview of the issues that lead to intervention by the organized medical staff and the important substantive and procedural steps in the progressive process that, if all steps fail, will lead to a hearing. Participants will develop a better understanding of the peer review process, especially the implications of medical staff bylaws for investigations and progressive interventions. Along with this, participants will better appreciate the nuances of collegial interventions as a first step and will learn from experienced counsel how more severe levels of corrective action, up to and including need for a hearing, can be avoided.

 Perspectives from counsel for the physician, the medical staff and the hospital will provide an increased appreciation for positions that can be important in resolving concerns before they escalate. Participants will also learn how to identify aspects of these initial steps that will become important if the matter proceeds to a hearing.

Speaker Information: 

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AHLA is now offering Continuing Education Credit for On-Demand Webinars held after March 2021. This is a 90-minute webinar. Credits earned for a 50 minute state are 1.8 CLEs, and 1.5 CLEs for a 50 minute state.