New, But Not Normal—Audits, Surveys and Enforcements in 2021 (On-Demand Webinar)

New, But Not Normal—Audits, Surveys and Enforcements in 2021

Date: 05/25/21
Time: On Demand

Difficulty: Intermediate

Overview: While the pandemic brought with it many challenges for health care organizations, it also provided one silver lining. The frequency and intensity of government mandated surveys, audits, and enforcement actions slowed down considerably. This was to be expected as resources were diverted from these areas to deal with the Public Health Emergency (PHE). But, with the advent of the vaccine, coupled with a better understanding of managing the virus, regulators are returning to the duties that they set aside during the past year. Providers, now exhausted and out of practice with day-to-day compliance functions, are being targeted with renewed fervor. What is an organization to do? This webinar will provide an overview of what healthcare organizations should expect from audits, surveys and enforcement actions in 2021 and beyond. Further, the panelists will review recent trends in publicly available data and provide best practices to assist your organization in preparing for the return of oversight and compliance mechanisms.

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This Thought Leader webinar is not approved for CLE credit. Please check with your State Bar as to whether self-study credits can be awarded - CLE credit may be obtained by applying directly to the attorney’s state accrediting body, but approval is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of said accrediting body.