Telehealth A 50 State Survey, 2nd Edition

Telehealth A 50 State Survey, 2nd Edition (Electronic) 

Published: 05/24/2017
Pages: 306

While technology in the health care field has continued to evolve by leaps and bounds, the ability of health care professionals to diagnose and treat patients across state boundaries remains a challenge. The need to know which laws will apply to doctors wishing to treat patients via new technology continues to require knowledge about how each state addresses critical issues such as how each state defines “telehealth” and “telemedicine,” licensure requirements, reimbursement (private and Medicaid), and medical malpractice and liability. AHLA is pleased to bring you the second edition of Telehealth: A Fifty State Survey, to help you find the answers you need to determine each state’s requirements.

This 2nd edition of Telehealth provides a larger collection of state telehealth laws and regulations governing health care providers’ use of telemedicine, as well as legislative alerts to inform the reader about the most recent actions that a state legislature is undertaking to propose or revise a telehealth-related statute. A state may also have a “Miscellaneous” section that includes any additional telehealth-related laws regarding, for example, examination and treatment of an abused or neglected child using telehealth; rulemaking requirements as set out by the state legislature; the use of telehealth by a qualified mental health professional in the case of involuntary hospitalization; or statutory provisions allowing a state to provide telemedicine services to Medicaid recipients at federally qualified community health centers through a demonstration project.