Health Care Antitrust: Meeting the Challenge CLE-eProgram

Earn CLEs on your own time. AHLA is pleased to bring you the 2021 Health Care Antitrust: Meeting the Challenge CLE-eProgram. Earn credits for the sessions you watch, including CLEs, CPEs, and CCBs. The maximum number of credits available for the eProgram is 8.5 for a 60-minute state and 10.2 for a 50-minute state. Please note that the actual number of credits may vary from state to state..

This program brings together an expert faculty made up of the leading federal and state government enforcers, private counsel, and highly experienced economists to share their insights and offer practical advice and policy recommendations and suggest what significant changes we might expect in 2021, and beyond.  
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Once purchased, visit My Dashboard to access the 2021 Health Care Antitrust CLE-eProgram, located on the left-hand side of the Education Center. Please email for more information.