Conversations with AHLA Leaders: Cindy Reisz, President Elect

This special series highlights AHLA leaders who discuss key moments in their careers, current and future trends in health law, and AHLA’s role in their professional development. In this episode, Chip Hutzler, Director, Horne LLP, interviews Cindy Reisz, Partner, Bass Berry & Sims, who is AHLA President Elect for the 2020-2021 year (President for the 2021-2022 year). Cindy talks about her career in health law and how the future of health care lies in value-based care.

Cindy also tells Chip:

  • How she got into health law after working in Bass Berry’s corporate and securities group.
  • How her mentors engaged in “teaching by osmosis.”
  • How she deals with information overload.
  • Her favorite cities to visit when traveling for work.
  • How Bono influenced what her plaque will say when she’s inducted into the “Health Lawyer Hall of Fame.”

Sponsored by Horne LLP.