Eating Disorders and Legal Issues: A Conversation with Two Physicians in the Trenches

Laura F. Fryan, Partner, Brouse McDowell, speaks to Nicole Cifra and Taylor Starr, physicians at the Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center, about the intersection of the law and the practice of medicine when it comes to treating patients with eating disorders. They discuss legal issues related to determining inpatient versus outpatient treatment, guardianships for adults, the concept of “treating over objection,” and treating children and adolescents. 

Dr. Cifra , MD, MPH is an Adolescent Medicine Fellow at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and Dr. Starr, DO, MPH is an assistant professor of pediatrics and medical director of Golisano’s Eating Disorder Program. 

Read Laura’s in-depth interview with Drs. Cifra and Starr in this May 2021 PG Briefing. From the Children’s Health Affinity Group of AHLA’s Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Practice Group.