Tune Up Your FMV Process: Tools and Tips to Save Resources (On-Demand Webinar)

Date: 12/02/21
Time: On Demand

Overview: Health care organizations and their legal teams across the US are resource-constrained, with significant strategic and regulatory challenges, too few staff, and inadequate resources. Physician contracting and the FMV process is time intensive, requiring coordination across departments and organizations, particularly with complex and unique contracts. 

This webinar will discuss how addressing these challenges doesn’t require a full replacement of your FMV approval process. Subtle yet impactful changes to current policies and workflow can streamline and improve compliance. Leveraging technology and adapting tools to streamline the review, approval and documentation process can help reclaim attorneys’ valuable time. A well-designed process can build successful partnerships with key stakeholders across the organization. 

 In addition to guiding you through a FMV process tune-up, this webinar will discuss ways to identify, monitor, and address “stacking” and other risky contracts. Concluding the webinar will be a case study from a health system attorney who will share how her organization revised their FMV process to save time and resources.

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