2020/2021: Provider Compensation Lessons for Today and Tomorrow (On-Demand Webinar)

Date: 01/27/22
Time: On Demand

Difficulty: Intermediate

Overview: In this webinar, panelists will cover important provider compensation lessons for today and tomorrow. First, panelists will review the challenges brought to provider compensation models, physician and advance practice provider contracting, and fair market value determination in 2020 and 2021 by 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic and 2021’s Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (2021 MPFS). This review includes: 

  1. Presenting sample compensation, wRVU, and compensation per wRVU survey data by specialty that will illustrate how survey data based on 2020 is outside the norm and creates challenges in FMV determination, as well as the initial structuring of provider compensation models. 
  2. Presenting CMS and blinded client data related to increased wRVU production by specialty to illustrate the impact of the 2021 MPFS changes on wRVU generation and wRVU production-based compensation models. 
  3. Discussing the disconnect between wRVU increases and reimbursement increases that must be accounted for to maintain sustainability. 
  4. Discussing what panelists' clients are doing to their provider compensation models in response the changes to the 2021 MPFS. Highlighting the three basic approaches clients can implement. 

Next, panelists will outline potential approaches to fair market value determination, despite the challenges discussed, and will recommend an approach they believe is best, and which approaches they believe are problematic. Finally, panelists will end the webinar with providing their view of seven (7) lessons 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic and 2021’s Medicare Physician Fee Schedule taught us as we consider provider contracting and compensation fair market value determination.

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This webinar is sponsored by the HSG Advisors