III. Real Talk: A Crucial Conversation About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (From the 2021 Tax Issues for Health Care Organizations program)

Clevonne M. Jacobs, Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman PC, Durham, NC
Mark S. Kopson, Plunkett Cooney, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Jay A. Martus, Managing Partner, MFAL Consulting LLC, Washington, DC
Kelly J. Pollock, Associate General Counsel, Private Diagnostic Clinic PLLC, Durham, NC

We have been working on "diversity" for almost 60 years (the Civil Rights Act became law in 1964) and have made very little progress on the matter. So, what's getting in the way?

  • The value proposition for DEI has been repeatedly proven in study after study. So, why hasn’t the “business case” for DEI been enough to spur meaningful change in the bar?
  • How much consideration do business leaders really give to DEI initiatives when selecting outside counsel? Are people really putting their money where their mouth is or is this all just for show? Is this kind of pressure actually an effective motivator for law firm leadership? What does accountability look like here?
  • Does our failure as a bar to find a way to make DEI work in our own house limit our ability to effectively advise our clients?
  • How do we make this work? What is it going to take?

This is a 60 minute Diversity and Inclusion session credit.