Conversations with AHLA Leaders: Ari Markenson, Partner, Venable LLP

This special series highlights AHLA leaders who discuss key moments in their careers, current and future trends in health law, and AHLA’s role in their professional development. In this episode, Chip Hutzler, Director, Horne LLP, speaks with Ari Markenson, Partner, Venable LLP. Ari is a member of AHLA’s Board of Directors. 

Ari talks about how his childhood walking the halls of hospitals and medical schools led him to health law, challenges related to recruitment and health law specialization, how AHLA’s online Communities helped him become more involved in the Association and grow in the health law community, his desire to develop young professionals for a lifelong career in health law, and what his plaque will say when he is inducted into the “Health Law Rock Star Hall of Fame.”

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