Insights from Health Care System Real Estate Compliance Officers

Real estate is an essential element of health care. Goran Musinovic, Vice President, Realty Trust Group, hosts a conversation with two compliance officers who offer insights into their health systems’ real estate operations. They discuss:

  • The goal of real estate from a compliance perspective.
  • How the real estate function is staffed and challenges associated with geographically dispersed teams and staff turnover.
  • Interactions with other departments and fostering a culture of collaboration and communication.
  • Ensuring operational compliance with real estate arrangements and best practices for addressing compliance-related issues.
  • How to measure success in real estate compliance.

Goran’s panel includes Dawn Geisert, Chief Integrity and Compliance Officer, Trinity Health, and Raul Ordonez III, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Jackson Health System.

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Sponsored by Realty Trust Group.