2022 Fraud and Compliance Forum eProgram

Earn CLEs on your own time! AHLA is pleased to bring you the 2022 Fraud and Compliance Forum CLE-eProgram. Earn credits for the sessions you watch, including CLEs, CPEs, and CCBs. The maximum number of credits available is 32.0 (including 1.0 legal ethics) for a 60-minute state and 38.4 (including 1.2 legal ethics) for a 50-minute state. Please note that the actual number of credits may vary from state to state. The maximum number of CPE credits is 38.4 and CCB credits is 38.0.

View the Program Agenda to see a list of the informative topics covered at the program. Expert presenters share their insights in this comprehensive collection of sessions addressing health care fraud and compliance challenges. Sessions range from bootcamps to advanced discussions to hot topics, covering:

  • Federal payment programs, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage and 340(b)
  • Stark Law, False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute, and the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act
  • Enforcement Trends, including Statistical Sampling, Exclusion, and Civil Monetary Penalties
  • Physician Compensation and Transactions, including Practice Acquisitions
  • Corporate Compliance Programs and Corporate Integrity Agreements
  • And hours of additional presentations carefully selected by AHLA volunteers who understand the challenges facing today’s health law professionals

View a preview of one of the Fraud Sessions, Trending Anti-Kickback and Stark Law Issues Impacting Your Organization, with presenters Jacqueline Baratian and Tony Maida.

Please email ondemandeducation@americanhealthlaw.org for more information.