Legal Ethics: Protecting In-House and Outside Counsel (Legal Ethics Single Session from 2022 Health Plans)

Legal Ethics: Protecting In-House and Outside Counsel (2022 Health Plans Ethics Session)
Kyle Kveton
Karen R. Palmersheim

We’ll discuss the following “hot” topics in legal ethics and address common traps for both in-house and outside counsel:

  • Using and misusing social media–client solicitation and advertising; protecting your online reputation; informal discovery and admissibility of social media posts
  • A long way from the office–the remote practice of law
  • Protecting privileges–watch your emails
  • Handling cybersecurity investigations and identifying conflicts during an investigation
  • Supervising counsel and the ethical rules–the hidden trap
This is a 60 minute ethics session taken from the 2022 Health Plans conference. This session is worth 1.2 ETHICS CE credits for a 50-minute state and 1 ethics credit for a 60-minute state. Please note that the actual number of credits may vary from state to state.