Unintended Consequences of Telehealth (On-Demand Webinar)

Date: 12/13/22
Time: On Demand

Overview: Telehealth practice is present in all areas of health care. As providers and patients have adapted to the practice, venture capitalists, non-health care businesses, and government agencies have created new marketing and formats for the delivery of care via telehealth. Unexpected consequences have been created, including the lack of continuity of care and consistency in medical records, health care provision by individuals not licensed in specific states, fraud and abuse of payer provisions, and negative impact on primary care providers. This webinar explores some of these unintended consequences and provides suggestions to attorneys guiding health care providers as they address those issues.

Speaker Information:

Rob Sprang, Director, Kentucky TeleCare University of Kentucky HealthCare

Dania Y. Lofton, Esq, MPA, Government Affairs Specialist, American Counseling Association


Anna Whites, Attorney, Anna Whites Law Office