Thought Leader Webinar: How Operational Headwinds Are Reshaping Health Care Partnership, Merger, and Acquisition Strategies (On-Demand Webinar)

Date: 2/07/23

Overview:  Health systems have faced an increasingly difficult operating environment as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Government-supported relief funds have been exhausted, and any improvements in volumes and revenues are being offset by rising wage and supply costs driven by staffing shortages and other inflationary pressures. Recent M&A activity between hospitals and health systems has seen a smaller number of transactions but significantly larger average transaction sizes, with continued exploration of opportunities. We have also seen a renewed interest in more loosely integrated—and less capital intensive—partnership strategies, as well as an emphasis on partnerships in specific service lines such as behavioral health and post-acute care that have specialized operational needs that many health systems struggle to meet. This webinar will discuss how operational headwinds are driving new strategic focuses, as well as considerations for structuring transactions that address new strategic needs. 

Learning objectives:

  • Define recent trends in health care partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions and the market forces shaping these trends 
  • Assess how different partnership structures might align with new strategic focuses 
  • Compare potential advantages and challenges of different partnership structures

Speaker Information

Jim Landman
Kaufman Hall

Courtney Midanek
Managing Director
Kaufman Hall

Kristofer Blohm
Managing Director
Kaufman Hall