The FTC’s Proposed Rule on Non-Competes: What It Means for the Health Care Industry

The FTC’s proposed rule banning non-compete agreements has major implications for the health care industry. Rick Dagen, Partner, Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider LLP and former FTC Assistant Director, speaks with Steve Vieux, Senior Counsel, Bartko Zankel Bunzel & Miller and former FTC attorney, and Ann Bittinger, physician employment agreement attorney at Bittinger Law Firm, about what health lawyers need to know about the proposed rule and its potential impact on their clients. They discuss the elements of a non-compete section of a physician employment agreement, the content of the proposed rule, recent DOJ and FTC enforcement, state law preemption issues, enforcement on nonprofit health systems, the AHA’s comment, and what health lawyers should do to prepare for the possible implementation of some version of the proposed rule. From AHLA’s Antitrust Practice Group. Sponsored by Axinn.