Health Care In-House Counsel Salaries and Departmental Resources 2022–2023 Survey

The AHLA In-House Counsel Practice Group has partnered with the Arizona State University, College of Health Solutions Biostatistics Core to analyze health care in-house counsel compensation by years of experience, position, employer profile, and location.

This brand new survey report also examines in-house law department resources, based on data on law department budgets, scope of work, organizational role, staffing, software, and performance metrics.

Unlike other general counsel compensation surveys, the AHLA survey exclusively polls health care in-house counsel—more than 400 of your industry peers—ensuring that the results incorporate the unique considerations relative to the health care in-house legal department.

39 pages.  Published March 2023.



Health Care In-House Counsel Salaries and Departmental Resources: 2022-2023 Survey Report


Methodology and Respondent Profile

Using the Compensation Data

Beyond Compensation: Law Department Management

Compensation Results

Base Salary

Additional Compensation

Legal Department Management

Staff Composition

Attorney Staff Growth?

Scope of Work

Reporting Relationships

Performance Metrics

Electronic Tools



Appendix A: Salary Data by Job Title and Organization Type

Appendix B: Salary Data by Reporting Level and Organization Employee Count


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