Antitrust Agency Update: A Conversation with FTC Assistant Director Mark Seidman

2023 has been a very busy year for the federal antitrust agencies, as it relates to important guidance for the health care industry. Lisl Dunlop, Partner, Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider LLP, speaks with Mark Seidman, Assistant Director for the Mergers IV Division of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, about the promulgation and repeal of different sets of antitrust guidance and the FTC’s views on antitrust enforcement in the health care industry. They discuss the Health Care Policy Statements of 1993 and 1996, which, along with the 2011 Medicare Shared Savings Plan Accountable Care Organization guidance, were repealed by the DOJ and the FTC earlier this year; the new draft Merger Guidelines, which were released for comments in July; and the proposed changes to the Hart-Scott-Rodino premerger notification regime, which were also released for comments in July. From AHLA’s Antitrust Practice Group. Sponsored by Axinn