2024 Telemedicine Webinar Series: All Parts (On-Demand Webinar)

2024 On-Demand Telemedicine Webinar Series--All Parts

AHLA has made it easy to purchase all parts of the 2024 Telemedicine Webinar Series. You'll be able to purchase the bundle and access the series on your own time.  

Courses Include:

2024 Telemedicine Series Part I: Telehealth Today – Compliance and Reimbursement Considerations (Held on March 12, 2024)

2024 Telemedicine Series Part II: Enforcement Trends in Telehealth (Held on March 26, 2024)

2024 Telemedicine Series Part III: Evolving Issues and Trends in Telehealth (Held on April 9, 2024)

How to Obtain CLEs:

You can earn credit for each webinar you watch. Each 90 minute webinar is worth 1.8 credits for a 50 minute state and 1.5 credit for a 60 minute state.