Blurred Lines: Conflict or Not? A Discussion on Establishing an Effective Health Care COI Program (On-Demand Webinar)

Date: 05/30/24
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

Live closed captions are available.

Overview: This thought leader webinar will explore the crucial role of properly tracking conflicts of interest (COIs) and managing COI disclosures in healthcare contracting. This session underscores the importance of transparency and integrity in maintaining fair and objective contracting processes, while also addressing the potential legal and reputational risks associated with COIs.

The webinar will begin with an introduction to why COIs are significant in contracting, followed by an overview of specific COI requirements under regulations such as the Sunshine Act, Stark Law, and the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS). Understanding and complying with these legal and regulatory frameworks is vital for preventing legal liabilities and enhancing organizational trust.

Attendees will learn best practices for COI management, including methods to identify, document, and resolve conflicts effectively. The session will highlight how implementing these practices can not only minimize risks but also promote a culture of accountability.

We will discuss how your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution can support automating and streamlining the COI management process, centralize documentation, and ensure comprehensive oversight, thereby boosting compliance and operational efficiency.

This is an invaluable opportunity for legal and compliance professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of conflict of interest, implications of non-compliance, and strategies to effectively manage COIs within their organizations. 

Join us to gain knowledge and tools to handle conflicts of interest with confidence and integrity.

Speaker Information:

Ritu Kaur Cooper, Attorney, Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C.

Sara Low, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Operations, Ntracts

Carl E. Pate, Jr., MSF, JD, CHC, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, Physician Partners of America

Moderator Information:

Stephanie Haywood, Senior Vice President Sales & Client Engagement, Ntracts


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