2022 Annual Meeting Advanced Sessions CLE-eProgram

This on-demand offering consists of a curated collection of 12 sessions geared toward advanced practitioners, including sessions on the roles of general counsel and compliance officers, legal and business issues relating to physicians and physician practices, evolving federal enforcement risks, employment developments, and much more. Earn credits for the sessions you watch, including CLEs, CPEs, and CCBs. The maximum number of credits available for the on-demand eProgram is 12.75 for a 60-minute state (including 1.0 Diversity & Inclusion credit) and 15.3 (including 1.2 Diversity & Inclusion credit) for a 50-minute state. Please note that the actual number of credits may vary from state to state.

Here is the list of the sessions included in the Advanced Sessions CLE-eProgram:

4. The Jetsons: Coming to a Hospital Near You!
Priya J. Bathija, Stephen M. Parodi, Kristen McDermott Woodrum

7. Contracting Beyond Traditional Health Care Settings: Model for Virtual First Care (V1C) Payer/Provider Contracts
Andrew Briggs, Matt Chock, Lucia Savage, Patricia M. Wagner

8. Recent Developments in Employment Law for the Health Law Professional
Robert Niccolini, Danyale Phillips

10. Hospital Charges under the Microscope: Operational Implications of the Price Transparency Rule and No Surprises Act
Christi Braun, Andrew Ruskin

11. Representing a Physician at a Fair Hearing and Terminating and Disciplining the Physician Employee without Violating their Medical Staff Due Process Rights
Lil Delcampo, Matthew Dushoff

14. DOJ Litigation and OIG Priorities
Susan Gillin, Michael E. Shaheen, Rohith Srinivas

20. Show Me the Money: How to Advise Physician Practices When Private Equity comes Knocking on Their Door
Kim Harvey Looney, Michael F. Schaff

22. Provider Co-Location: The Final Word or More to Come?
Jesse Berg, David Wright

25. The New General Counsel’s Agenda–Déjà Vu All Over Again
Jennifer Abruzzo, Jon Anderson

28. The End of Global and Professional Direct Contracting and Transition to ACO REACH: Redefining Physician Practice to Deliver Value
Robert Guenthner, Katherine Sullivan

32. What your Compliance Officer Is–and Isn't: Problems with the Dual Role of General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Barry S. Herrin, Ross Ronan

35. DEI or DIE: Case Studies in What We’ve Learned About the DEI Imperative in the Post-COVID Transition
Komal Chokshi, Andrea Ferrari, Clevonne Jacobs

Once purchased, visit My Dashboard to access the 2022 Annual Meeting Advanced Sessions CLE-eProgram, located on the left-hand side of the Education Center. Please email ondemandeducation@americanhealthlaw.org for more information.